Audiometric Booths

Booth C30

Soundproof Booth for performance of Audiometric testing. Model C30


Designed for installation in Clinics and Psychotecnical Examination Centres.

  • EC-type approval
  • Standards – EN 60601-1;/A1;/A2;/A11;/A13 – UNE-EN ISO 14971;/A1 EU Standards
  • Armoured glass 6+6.
  • magnetic lock .
  • Colour: white; grey profiles.
  • lining: alveolar-shaped foam insulation – Inner lining: alveolar-shaped foam insulation
  • 6,3 (female) 6-jack connecting plate.
  • 3 60-cm cable, 6.3 (male) jack.
  • Compatible with all types of audiometers.
  • Power: 220 V – 50/60 Hz – Led-based interior lighting
  • Folding table for placing the audiometer 40X80cm.
  • Measures: 80X90X200.
  • Weight: 250Kg.

Attenuation of Booth C30.
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