MADSEN Micromate 304 – Portable audiometer


The MADSEN Micromate 304 audiometer enables the specialist to provide a comprehensive, reliable diagnosis. Featuring a highly intuitive panel, it provides a simple method for performing audiometric tests that allow proper contact with the patient. Weighing just 2 kgs., and fitted with a transportation case, headphones and a power adapter, Micromate 304 is fully portable. Additionally, it may be used with batteries to allow full mobility.

Technical specifications:
earing Level Range: -10 to 90 dB HL in 5 dB
Tone Stimulus: Pure tone
Frequency Range: 250 to 8,000 Hz

Frequencies: better than ± 3%
Hearing Level: within ± 3 dB of indicated level
Distortion: < 1%
Standards: EN 60645-1 for Audiometers, Type 4
Calibration: ISO 389, ANSI S3.6

Operating Environment:
Temperature: 15 – 35°C, 59 – 95°F
Rel. Humidity: 30 – 90%
Battery Consumption: Approx. 30 mA

Internal: 6 x 1.5 V, type C batteries
External: 9 VAC, 250 mA Power Adapter,115/230 V
Patient safety: compliant with EN 60601-1, Class II, Type B
Size: 300 x 210 x 60 mm, (W x D x H)

Net weight:
Including batteries: 1275 g, 2.8 lbs
Without batteries: 1000 g, 2.2 lbs

Standard accessories:
Patient response signal, ME70 Noise-Excluding
Headset w. TDH39 headset, Audiogram pack, Roller Pens (red & blue)

Optional accessories:
(Soft) transportation case, TC89E Headband w. TDH39 auriculars


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